Design, construction, landscaping terraces and porches.

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    Landscaping terraces and porches.

    Today, the landscape design is considered as an additional terrace dwelling. And the first thing to do is isolate the area with the help of plants (vines, hedges, tapeworms). Thus, it is necessary to create a wall.

    Design and construction of terraces

    It is also necessary to consider the choice of flooring (concrete slabs, decks, flooring, etc.). Note that the cover - it's a matter of taste. The main thing is that the recreation area in harmony with yourself and the house was on the soul of the owner. The best place for your device is a terrace of the southern, southeastern and south-west side.

    As a rule, should be sunny terrace to be used for recreation and a place in the spring and fall. And besides, the location on the sunny side will provide an intensive growth of plants, since the terrace - it is surrounded by a green living space. And for protection from the midday summer sun used sun umbrellas, tents or awnings.

    Designing terraces.

    To align the site during the construction of terraces, you can use stone or rock walls (retaining walls), and for retaining walls of terraces using a tree. Miniature plants with long vines hanging from the crevices of retaining wall, look very attractive.

    Design and construction of terraces

    Usually placed on the vertical walls of hanging plants such as hang-downing bells obriety, slightly sprawling sagebrush, sedumy and planted low-growing junipers, heather, Erica, and dwarf pine and spruce, characterized by slow growth.

    Plants in these compositions do not require special care, but slowing growth and reducing the abundance of flowering is desirable to feed them a weak solution of fertilizer, watering from a watering can on the masonry.

    Concrete paving slabs.

    Concrete paving slabs are very popular for paving terraces, walkways and driveways. Plates are available in a wide range of sizes, textures and colors, and they are relatively easy to stow when the foundations under them ready.

    Concrete paving slabs

    The texture of the surface of the concrete slab may be different - from smooth to shallow notch or grooved. If there is a desire to make coverage more natural look, there are a number of plates under the "weathered" rock. Some boards have a pattern of brick masonry under certain undoing.

    Alloy plate (beveled edges) are suitable for medium loads. If you decide to put a pattern of plates of various sizes and colors, it is reasonable to draw a plan for a major paper to calculate the exact number of plates of each size and color and add extra 5% of the waste, especially if a lot of plates to be clipped.

    The main elements of landscaping terraces.

    Trees and shrubs are the main elements of the landscaping. By creating a composition of these plants, you can make the terrace is not only well-groomed appearance, but also to emphasize its uniqueness, to protect against noise, dust and disguise unsightly buildings. And, of course, make a place of recreation paradise.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping

    The outline of the trees and shrubs is very important when choosing a deciduous and coniferous trees. If space allows, you can plant a garden near a tree with a beautiful oval crown or a sprawling open-canopy and conical, pyramidal, or weeping trees to attract attention, no matter what style of landscaping was not completed your terrace.



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