Design and construction of terraces - garden furniture.

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  • Garden furniture.

    Garden furniture is one of the most important design details terrace. Tastefully selected and properly arranged tables, chairs, benches and loungers are completely transforming the most ordinary recreation area, divide it into several parts, or, conversely, to unite.

    Design and construction of terraces - Outdoor Furniture

    Selecting outdoor furniture should be in accordance with the place where it is supposed to deliver. For example, a gazebo with delicate walls of suitable light furniture, and spacious terrace for the best use of massive pieces of furniture. Garden furniture can be made of various materials - wood, plastic or metal.

    Wooden furniture looks great on any terrace. It can make yourself or buy furnishings made especially for garden plots. Wicker furniture is one of the options for wood. It can be made of cane, wicker, bamboo and other materials.

    Design and construction of terraces - Outdoor Furniture

    The main drawback of this furniture is the fragility and instability to moisture, so it is best used in areas protected from rain. Plastic furniture is the cheapest of them all, but it is not always combined with the style of design. Preferably, choose furniture made of reinforced plastic because it is more durable.

    Metal furniture - the most durable. It can last for several decades and will look like new. Very beautiful wrought-iron tables and chairs with an elegant pattern. Furniture made of steel and aluminum are also durable, but does not have high decorative qualities.

    Design and construction of terraces - Outdoor Furniture

    The metal in the manufacture of furniture is most often used in combination with other materials - cloth, wood or glass.


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