Design and construction of terraces - Designing terraces.

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  • Designing terraces.

    To align the site during the construction of terraces, you can use stone or rock walls (retaining walls), and for retaining walls of terraces using a tree. Miniature plants with long vines hanging from the crevices of retaining wall, look very attractive.

    Design and construction of terraces - terraces Design

    Usually placed on the vertical walls of hanging plants such as hang-downing bells obriety, slightly sprawling sagebrush, sedumy and planted low-growing junipers, heather, Erica, and dwarf pine and spruce, characterized by slow growth.

    Plants in these compositions do not require special care, but slowing growth and reducing the abundance of flowering is desirable to feed them a weak solution of fertilizer, watering from a watering can on the masonry.

    Design and construction of terraces - terraces Design

    When you register you can use the garden pergolas, sheds, or of climbing plants. This decorative design consisting of a series of metal, stone or wooden arches, linked together on top of the usual wooden crate.

    Originally pergola constructed over the vineyards to maintain the vines and facilitate harvest. In the garden pergolas emphasize the place of rest and at the same time create the effect of solitude did. Thus, a zateenennoe, inaccessible place of the winds.

    Design and construction of terraces - terraces Design

    Typically, plant around pergolas with vines, hops, honeysuckle, drevogubtsem, in the south - with roses, wisteria, grape culture. Under the framework of using dry oak or pine beams, soaked in antiseptic transparent materials or galvanized pipe dyuralyuminevye on a concrete base.

    The choice of material for the construction of pergolas is due to the overall design of the site, furnish the house, paving, etc. The design strength should be different, as the gusts of strong wind vines creates a greater load.

    Design and construction of terraces - terraces Design

    The form can be arbitrary, including circular, fan-shaped, etc. In recent years, pergolas have become increasingly popular as elements of the composition, emphasizing the decorative and naturalness. In addition to the use of pergolas and trellis, which are latticed walls, lined with ornamental climbing and climbing plants.

    Their function - serve as supports for ornamental climbing plants. Trellis attached to the walls of buildings, or do as a separate building, whereby you can restrict any area of ​​the garden, close unattractive buildings or highlight the area.

    Design and construction of terraces - terraces Design

    When the device is particularly important espalier selection of ornamental plants, he is only a support trellis. The height of pergolas and espalier is usually 2-2.5 m and the length must always be greater than this value, so they look better. During the construction of espalier is most often used as a tree.

    You can fence off the terrace and one of the types of hedges. They are a dense linear planting shrubs or trees in one or more rows. They are characterized by incredible diversity, since barriers grow freely, you can create using any of the tree crops which you prefer.

    Design and construction of terraces - terraces Design

    Water body - this is another form of improvements. If you love to watch the water while sitting in a comfortable chair, then arrange a water garden near the terrace will be the right decision. The mirror surface of a natural pond calms, its diverse vegetation pleases the eye with its greenery and bright flowers.

    Coverage area - one of the most important moments in landscape architecture. Additional lighting on site must be in the evening and night time, which is associated with the rhythm of modern life. A variety of decorative lightings are highlighting areas: ponds, pavilions, among trees and flower beds, on lawns, in paving, etc.

    Design and construction of terraces - terraces Design

    By lighting must be approached very seriously. First we need to be properly drawn up a scheme of lighting, choose the right type of light and color. And only because of the quality approach to this issue can be achieved best results in the improvement area.


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