Design and construction of terraces - the terrace lighting.

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  • Coverage of the terrace.

    Coverage of the terrace - it is an integral component. Coverage area - this is a special art. The correct light can hide problem areas and beneficial to emphasize its strengths.

    Design and construction of terraces - garden lighting

    Excess light deprived of mystery, and its lack - the site is somewhat dangerous for the movement and makes it impossible to easily navigate the area at night. Coverage in addition to the functional load is the most important decorative elements of the modern landscape. Lighting can be advantageously used in the design of recreation areas.

    Coverage includes several types of lighting devices and networks. It can be divided into major categories (title categories fully reflects the purpose and function of each type of lighting load):

    Design and construction of terraces - garden lighting

    - Guard (standby) light is necessary for you to cover the perimeter of the site locations, which are sectors of the video, creating the effect of the presence of people in the area.

    - Functional coverage (daily coverage of the tracks) will provide a wide range of requirements, ie, safety, comfort, design, durability, reliability, ease of operation and maintenance. For example, the pavement should have a comfortable brightness to move on it was easy and pleasant.

    - Decorative lighting includes light and shadow in the corners, which made for a pleasant stay. Architectural and artistic lighting (illumination of buildings) - Symphony of forms and techniques. The most simple method of general flood lighting, in which the nocturnal object is most similar to daylight.

    Design and construction of terraces - garden lighting

    Design garden lamps, as a rule, the style of the terrace and can be both classic and modern style. Cleverly organized on the site lighting can hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of a building or landscape elements.

    Feature of the landscape lighting is not only the design of the territory of the night, and underwater lighting for fountains and waterfalls. You can illuminate the pond near the terraces, not only for safety reasons but also for beauty.

    When designing a garden lighting should be particularly pay attention to security. The slightest mistake can lead to installation of the most unpleasant consequences. Therefore, we strongly recommend to consult specialists in conducting self-assembly and design work.

    Design and construction of terraces - garden lighting

    Mainly on the voltage is 220V lamps. Particular attention should be paid to lighting systems, hydraulic structures, such as ponds and pools. Modern industry produces lighting system designed for 12V, which is most convenient to apply in such cases (it is light, illuminating pools, fountains, rock gardens, flower beds).

    Design and construction of terraces - garden lighting

    The effects of illumination:

    Shading. Shading is achieved by setting light to the object, which should illuminate. Depending on how high and at what distance is a light fixture will depend on what will be a shadow.

    Intersects the light. This effect can be very attractive when the object is illuminated from two sides, it not only highlights features of the object in the foreground, but also softens the composition as a whole.

    Illumination from below. Lighting from below is mainly used for plants or some towering buildings. It is also attractive in order to create a play of shadows. It can also be used as the effect of safety, lighting doorways and entrances.

    Design and construction of terraces - garden lighting

    Moonlight. It - very romantic way to light the terrace and the adjacent green space, but as the natural phenomena do not always get it from the moon of this world, this effect can be enhanced artificially.

    Step by step illumination. Step by Step lights are usually lights up the idea of ​​a track or ascent / descent. There are various ways to achieve this effect by using low light, or vice versa alignment lift. Another benefit of this total -, respectively, improved safety and visibility of the aisle.

    Highlighting the top. Thanks to the highlighting top, night palette of plants and flowers becomes sharper. And all this will look like in contrast to the light of day very differently.

    Design and construction of terraces - garden lighting

    Illumination of water. Coverage of water - one of the oldest effects used in landscape lighting. Moving water causes the light is in her play, especially with the rippling fountain or waterfall. Fish, if any, in the water that crosses the light beam produces a flash of color and shade.

    Using light in water, can also reinforce the impression from the source - a fountain, waterfall, etc. And, of course, water can be used as a source of reflection on existing plants and trees.


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