Design and construction of terraces - Floorings.

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  • Decks.

    Wooden flooring.

    Design and construction of terraces - Floorings

    Wooden floors are popular as a solid coating in a dry and warm climates. Gratings can be used to cover the terraces, with the proviso that the tree is processed preservative under pressure.

    It is best to build a deck on a flat or gently sloping site. For a raised platform on a steep slope and to build the deck over the water is recommended to seek advice and help from a specialist, such as the building must be designed properly and securely placed.

    The wooden terrace overlooking the garden produces a rather strong impression, especially if it is surmounted by a pergola, giving summer shade.


    Design and construction of terraces - Floorings

    This type of flooring is quite easy to build. At the selected site, which will further terrace arrange concrete base with a slight slope from the house for drainage. On the foundation laid on a discontinuous solution path of brick (the bricks are placed is not a continuous band, and after one), directed at right angles to the planned location of the boards.

    Then put the next track at intervals of 40 cm on the lay bricks lags 75h50 mm by inserting a sheet of plastic or other waterproofing materima between the joists and bricks. Then lay the board on the joists 250h25 mm in diameter at right frail to lag.

    Design and construction of terraces - Floorings

    Leave a clearance of about 10 mm for the flow of water and small movements of the tree associated with vlazhnostyu.Styki between the planks of flooring (if any) should occur in the logs and placed zigzag, ie, the neighboring joints must fall on different lags.

    Secure the board with brass screws or other stainless steel, sinking below the surface of the board hat. The holes must be sealed filler. Also making a border around a brick or block.

    Parquet flooring.

    Design and construction of terraces - Floorings

    Small wooden parquet panel type is easy to make. The most practical panel size of about 1 m ². You need to buy a board 100x50 mm from the treated wood, sawing at the bars of meter length and sanded the ends.

    A pair of bars placed as a base from opposite sides of the square, while the remaining bars nailed across them. Should be evenly distributed transverse bars, and then nail them to the basis of two nails on each side.

    Make the foundation on solid ground of compacted gravel layer 8 cm and 8 cm sand layer of sand should also be compacted and level to the level before you lay on it flooring. Place the panel in the piece, if necessary, they can knock each other so they do not unravel, for this nails just need to score in the joints of panels at an angle.

    Design and construction of terraces - Floorings

    For flooring used arborvitae (sometimes called red cedar), which is a very good material because of its dense wood has a natural defense against decay. Other types of wood can also be used, but they should be treated with a preservative, preferably under pressure.

    Short sticks or boards can be connected to the patterned panels to create a variety of attractive parquet pattern (panel piece, the panel in herringbone, parallel plate, herringbone angle, parallel to the ligation). Wood can also be tinted to any color.

    All wood surfaces once a year to check for cracks and damage. Also worth checking out, not a rusted bolts, nails, screws and other metal parts. In galvanized fittings may confer a protective layer, and it will rust, so prone to rust brass headset is more suitable for wooden flooring.

    If the security or toning treatment sites wiped clean the surface and cover it again. Mold, which can also occur over time, it is better to remove a hard broom or brush and rinse with a solution not concentrated bleach.


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