Design and construction of terraces - Bricks and pavers.

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  • Bricks and pavers.

    Bricks and clay or concrete pavers are best suited for installation in small areas. For the terraces near the house of bricks, pavers or bricks used a great way to visually link the garden to the house.

    Design and construction of terraces - Bricks and pavers

    Clay pavers are also attractive as a brick, and the usual red color. It has a smaller thickness than concrete pavers. The most common pavement gray, bluish, or shades of yellow. Also produced a number of different forms of concrete pavers.

    Design and construction of terraces - Bricks and pavers

    Paving blocks (also known as paving stones) have all sorts of finishing shape, so that their shape and surface texture, or traditional and geometrically regular, or arbitrary, and is close to the natural, can largely contribute to style terraces.

    An even greater styling can be achieved when using terracotta tiles, granite pavers, Belgium block or rounded pebbles.


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