Design and construction of terraces - concrete paving slabs.

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  • Concrete paving slabs.

    Concrete paving slabs are very popular for paving terraces, walkways and driveways. Plates are available in a wide range of sizes, textures and colors, and they are relatively easy to stow when the foundations under them ready.

    Design and construction of terraces - concrete paving slabs

    The texture of the surface of the concrete slab may be different - from smooth to shallow notch or grooved. If there is a desire to make coverage more natural look, there are a number of plates under the "weathered" rock. Some boards have a pattern of brick masonry under certain undoing.

    Alloy plate (beveled edges) are suitable for medium loads. If you decide to put a pattern of plates of various sizes and colors, it is reasonable to draw a plan for a major paper to calculate the exact number of plates of each size and color and add extra 5% of the waste, especially if a lot of plates to be clipped.

    Design and construction of terraces - concrete paving slabs

    Spreading plate, make sure you have a small drain bias, the slope should always be directed away from the house. Wall of the house is a very practical base line to start the installation, but you may want to leave a small gap between the wall and slabs for the plants.

    The upper part of the plate should be placed at 15 cm below the waterproofing. Mark the area designated under the boards, beacons, and cords. Follow the layout so that as little as possible had to cut the slabs. If the board does not have to be stacked back to back, leave a 0.5-1 cm for subsequent sealing joints with a solution.

    Design and construction of terraces - concrete paving slabs

    Laying should start with one of the corners. First, without a solution to put the track in each direction with the installation of linings to match the size. At this stage, it is easy to carry out the necessary adjustment. Use bricklaying trowel, put a strip of concrete of the foundation along each edge of the paving slabs on the ground, forming a platform slightly smaller than the plate.

    If the plate has a transverse dimension of 45 cm or more, put in another cross from the extension of the solution. Height tape solution is about 3-5 cm Such a "square-cross" method of installation combines the strength and the relative ease of fitting plates.

    Place the plate in place and tamp it handle sledge hammer or mallet. Use a level to check that the board stood firmly and evenly.


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