Key elements of the garden landscaping - Tapeworms.

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  • Tapeworms.

    To decorate the terraces used tapeworms - one or more of the ornamental trees, shrubs and flowering plants, clearly stand out from the crowd. They give a special splendor. As tapeworms can be used silver fir, catalpa, weeping willows, plum purpurnolistnaya.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping - Tapeworms

    Serve as a wonderful decoration of old trees (oak, ash, maple, linden), if they remained near the house. It can effectively decorate lounge area with perennial shrubs. The density of planting in the group depends on their characteristics. Carried away by lush plantings should not be, because over time, growing, plants begin to crowd each other.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping - Tapeworms

    High perennials with large leaves are planted for 1-2 pcs. at 1 m, medium-high - at 3-4, the average height - 6-12, low - 20-25, dwarf and melkolukovichnye - up to 50 pcs. 1 sq.m. We must remember that the larger the plant, so they need less.

    For example, the tapeworm may be several rose bushes planted next to each other and create a single spot of color. To create a pictorial composition of the plants, you need to anticipate what they will be a few years.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping - Tapeworms

    In the regeneration section of the terrace adhere to the following rules:

    - The plants are smaller, the greater their need for planting;
    - Group may be sufficiently dense, or drafty, but it must have a clear outline (for this planting is carried out so that as adults they were closing the crown);

    - With very few exceptions, the group may not have the correct outline of geometric shape such as square or rectangle (border groups should be soft and smooth - this gives the natural plantings);

    Key elements of the garden landscaping - Tapeworms

    - Traditionally planted in groups of odd numbers of plants: trees and large shrubs - 3 pcs. Sredneroslye shrubs - 5 pcs., Stunted or dwarf shrubs - to 9 pc. (If necessary, the number of plants can be increased or decreased);

    - To a mixed group maintained its architectonics for many years, it is desirable to take into account the growth of plants included in it (in limited areas should not be planted fast-growing species);

    Key elements of the garden landscaping - Tapeworms

    - For mixed groups of plants are selected and decorative, and biocompatibility;
    - If a mixed group consisting of flowering plants, it is advisable to choose them so that the flowering of some species of flowering was replaced by others.


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