Key elements of the garden landscaping - Rocard.

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  • Rocard.

    Rockeries or rocky hill (rock garden) - it is more perfect than rock gardens, view of the rocky hills. Differ from the Alpine hills large and are held at an artificially terraced terrain.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping - Rocard

    This mountain landscape in miniature, it emphasizes relief and may include natural or man-made devices:

    - Talus - Cluster mostly small stones at the foot of the rocks, among which grow alpine plants. In the garden, where there is no rock garden, scree constructed on any unshaded area;
    - The rock - there is not an ornament plants, and stones (always an odd number), covered with moss or lichen;
    - A raised flower bed - one or several terraces at different levels with inlaid stone walls 0.5-1 m tall, the terraces are creeping plants;
    - Retaining wall - laid without mortar from the stones, the gaps between stones are filled with soil, which are planted Alpines;
    - Track - in the cracks between the stones paths planted ground cover and pillow perennials that are resistant to trampling.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping - Rocard

    The choice of plants for the rockery is unlimited. Here alpine vegetation could coexist with the steppe and forest flora (bulbs, ferns, conifers, etc.). In this neighborhood it is important to achieve the right balance between plants that differ in size and growth rate.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping - Rocard

    For example, representatives of the mountain landscape antennariya, obrieta, phlox styloid, nibs are placed on top of the hill, the so-called plateau, while at the same time on the slopes get along well and the different types of sedumov stonecrop, warning of the erosion and ground cover plants (zhivuchka, yaskolka, cloves, phlox ground cover are the same).

    Key elements of the garden landscaping - Rocard

    At the foot of the slope planted ephemeroid small and krupnolukovichnye - muscari, hinodoksu, crocuses, tulips. Background are stunted shrubs, Japanese quince, cotoneaster creeping, juniper and dwarf varieties of pines.


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