The main elements of landscaping garden - Fruit bushes.

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  • Fruit bushes.

    When the green garden design should take into account many aspects. For example, protection from wind and prying eyes, color beds, hedges, vines, etc. But one of the nuances - a feature green spaces, namely the location in the recreation area of ​​fruit bushes.

    The main elements of landscaping garden - Fruit Shrubs

    We've learned that in our gardens, crops such as currants, gooseberries, raspberries grow separately, away from home. To this effect, first of all, the ability of shrubs to grow, but agree that for any culture needs care, so that only depends on you the appearance of the plant.

    A functional orientation - this is the beauty of the flowering and tasty fruit during ripening. Most of the country in amateur gardens reigns currants. There are all sorts there. She is so good at the time of flowering, when over long tassels of flowers literally swarming bees and bumblebees.

    The main elements of landscaping garden - Fruit Shrubs

    But there is nothing more beautiful than the currant bushes, covered with black, red, pink or white berries. A hedge of gooseberry - the best defense against intruders. Its prickly branches under the weight of large amber or purple berries elegantly inclined to the ground.

    At least safe fence is obtained from a blackberry attached to a wire trellis. Choose varieties with large fragrant berries, with beautiful large flowers, and you can use this plant to form not only a thorn hedges, but also an elegant green terrace most incredible shape.

    The main elements of landscaping garden - Fruit Shrubs

    Proper planting raspberry varietal, anchoring it to the trellis wire, also allows you to create a beautiful corner of the garden, filled with fragrance of ruby ​​or amber berries. Much less often grown in gardens other fruit bushes, which have doubtless decorative qualities.

    Beautiful in the garden of tapeworm can act japonica and chokeberry, hawthorn, and saskatoon, cranberry and black elderberry. A fruit crops such as honeysuckle and buckthorn edible require a group planting.

    Of course, in contrast to the purely ornamental shrubs, fruit require more care, they are more affected by pests and diseases. But their benefits are not only tasty, they are valuable providers of vitamins and minerals.


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