The main elements of landscaping terraces.

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  • The main elements of landscaping terraces.

    Trees and shrubs are the main elements of the landscaping. By creating a composition of these plants, you can make the terrace is not only well-groomed appearance, but also to emphasize its uniqueness, to protect against noise, dust and disguise unsightly buildings. And, of course, make a place of recreation paradise.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping

    The outline of the trees and shrubs is very important when choosing a deciduous and coniferous trees. If space allows, you can plant a garden near a tree with a beautiful oval crown or a sprawling open-canopy and conical, pyramidal, or weeping trees to attract attention, no matter what style of landscaping was not completed your terrace.

    Landscape architecture distinguishes between the following methods of allocation:

    Groups of trees make up of one or more species, depending on what they are called odnovidnymi or mixed groups. Height and crown shape, they may be identical or contrast with each other. The number of trees in groups is unlimited. In drawing up the group of three trees have their tops in a triangle-sided, and in the middle may be the very terrace.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping

    Group shrubs are loose or tight array. Groups can be composed of one or shrubs of different species. Usually shrubs are selected to match the time of flowering. Currently popular group of shrubs of one kind or variety: roses, jasmine, spiraea, lilac, etc. In mixed groups the higher shrubs placed in the center.

    Groups of trees and shrubs have yet another name - the curtain. For the decoration of the lower level clumps used high flowering perennials. It is important to distribute the trees and shrubs between them. Dense groups of trees and shrubs combine into a unified whole. With this planting plants receive less moisture, sunlight, may lose its decorative effect.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping

    Single trees and shrubs look good in open spaces. For individual crops grown shirokokronnye and beautiful plants. Separate tree or shrub called tapeworm.

    Hedges - is planted in a number of shrubs and sometimes trees. Such fencing suit for decorative effect or as a planning element. Hedges can be high, medium, high, low and fillets, and cropped haircuts.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping

    With vertical gardening using climbing plants. With their help, decorate fences, retaining walls, foundations, decorate the facades, pergolas, and they are indispensable for planting terraces. Vertical gardening can protect from overheating and to reduce the thermal radiation.

    The main principle of design the site in any format - Compliance proportions. If large areas are relevant extensive lawns, large hedges and large trees, the terrace is usually a small area. With a variety of design techniques and effectively played with details, you can arrange this recreation area.


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