Key elements of the garden landscaping - mixborders mixed border.

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  • Mixborders, a mixed border.

    The most time-consuming to implement, but at the same time a very popular garden flower decoration - mixborders (mixed border), which absorbed the best features of the front garden, herbaceous and shrub borders. It is a wide border, often free-shape, consisting of annual, biennial and perennial herbaceous plants and shrubs.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping - mixborders mixed border

    The main requirement for mixborders - to be decorative in early spring to late autumn. Therefore, plants are selected so as to ensure continuity of bloom throughout the season. This is achieved by a combination of species and varieties that bloom for a long time or successive.

    In early spring flowering bulbs are mainly provided (crocuses, snowdrops, muscari, tulips, daffodils) and early flowering perennials - pechenochnitsa, sleep-grass, saxifrage, anemones. They appear in early April, as soon as the snow begins to descend.

    In late spring and early summer blooming biennials - violets, daisies, forget-me-and some perennials - stonecrops, subulate phlox, peonies, irises, aquilegia, primroses, doronikum, poppy east. From late June bloom annuals: petunia, salvia, marigold, marigolds, alissum - and perennials: delphinium, roses, dahlias.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping - mixborders mixed border

    Since the end of August to October, without fear of frost, bloom geleniumy, perennial asters, chrysanthemums, Korean, colchicum. Mixborders color scheme can be anything - colorful, contrast, or with tone transitions in the same range. It is very important so choose plants that bloom at the same time they constituted a harmonious group.

    If the flower is located at the wall of the house adjacent to the green fence or enclosure, - a one-way mixborders, if separates the lawn from the economic zone or recreation zone - two. In the construction mixborders we must remember that the minimum distance to it from the point of perception must be equal to double the height of the highest flower or shrub.

    The basis of selection of plants are their differences on the timing of flowering, habit, height, color of flowers and leaves. The background of the total composition are tall (above 80 cm) plants are located in the background and differ in terms of flowering. Plants occupying the middle distance (40-80 cm in height), form the basis of composition, her accent.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping - mixborders mixed border

    They have different decorative elements all - beautiful or original buds, elegant or whimsical form of the bush, the unusual color of the leaves. In the foreground are placed low-growing, prostrate, compact plant height below 40 cm

    A special role is played in any mixborders leaves. Their varied shape and texture of enriched composition, especially when the pauses in bloom. Plants with gray, blue-gray, bluish leaves soften the color contrasts. Considering all these requirements, then mixborders terrace will delight you with its views at all times.


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