Key elements of the garden landscaping - Liana.

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  • Liana.

    The use of terraces for planting vines can increase the area of ​​green space, arrange the most unexpected areas and implement the most daring and unexpected fantasies. Liana - it's all curly and climbing plants, which are divided according to the method of climbing: resting, kornelazyaschie, curly and usikonosnye.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping - Liana

    Based lianas have specialized organs of climbing, anchoring on the supports is with thorns and spines. From this group of plants are most common, some species of roses, blackberries, monster, etc.

    Kornelazyaschie vines are used for mounting on poles adventitious roots and their specific allocation. The most favorable conditions for the existence of such plants - enough pritenenie and high humidity. The group is represented by ivy, certain types of hydrangeas, ficus, etc.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping - Liana

    Climbing vines are fixed on the supports by means of rotating, shoots. The growing shoots are usually quite long and distinguished intensive growth. The leaves are often underdeveloped and shorter, as they form shoots perform only enshrining the role. Among the woody plants of this group are most common Actinidia, drevogubets, honeysuckle, magnolia, etc.

    Usikonosnye vines are equipped with sensitive tendrils or leaf stem origin, by which they are attached to the supports. This group includes various types of grapes, passion fruit, etc.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping - Liana

    When selecting the type of vines is necessary to pay attention to the climatic conditions and the location of the plant. In the northern winter is well grapes: Amur, rock and girlish quinata. On the southern wall look good annual vines, annuals such as morning glory, etc. azorina

    For low landscaping walls can be used Thunberg cruise, convolvulus tricolor. On the eastern and western walls of the Canarian planted nasturtiums and hang-downing. The highest decorative effect has honeysuckle-Perfoliate forming in May cascades of white, pink and yellow flowers.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping - Liana

    The supports for climbing plants set in advance or immediately upon landing vines. As a support pole may be used, grill, netting, trellis, arch, pyramid, tower, etc. For most of climbing plants is considered to be the best support network, as it provides a uniform growth of vegetative organs in all directions.

    The grid can be fixed vertically. The best plants for this type of support is clematis. The shoots of this vine vysokodekorativnoy first formed around the perimeter of the grid and across the bottom, so that further mesh was completely covered with a carpet of flowers.


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