Key elements of the garden landscaping - garden shrubs.

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  • Shrubs terraces.

    Terrace is impossible to imagine without the ornamental shrubs. They create a backdrop for flower crops, act as hedges, spectacular tapeworms on the lawn. Shrubs are valued not only for the excellent and long-lasting blooms, but also the shape of the crown, texture and color of the leaves.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping - garden shrubs

    Their presence makes the elegant gardens and garden care so onerous, because most of them are rarely damaged by pests and diseases that do not require painstaking care. Most ornamental shrubs have green foliage and beautiful flowers, which appear in spring and sometimes in the summer and even fall, and not fading over several weeks or months.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping - garden shrubs

    Some breeds have pestrookrashennuyu foliage that gives the plants an elegant appearance, but the duration of flowering shrubs just a few weeks or even days. At the same time, evergreen plants with gold, purple, or copper foliage will enjoy its colors throughout the year.

    Some shrubs and decorative qualities depend on the season. For example, Forsythia quite spectacular in the autumn, and the elder common - in the spring. Ornamental shrubs can decorate their bright foliage borders, beds, walls, buildings, and effectively emphasize the dignity of manicured lawns, often they are used in the device hedges.


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