The main elements of landscaping garden - flowering shrubs.

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  • Flowering shrubs.

    The absolute favorite among the flowering shrubs is the rose. However, many owners of gardens scares her lack of hardiness, the complexity of the care of these bushes. At the same time somehow forget that there is a magnificent park rose from one year to pleasing our abundant flowering, does not require even basic shelter for the winter.

    The main elements of landscaping garden - flowering shrubs

    However, most varieties of roses bloom in the park only once during the summer. The assortment of flowering shrubs is very wide. Open up the parade of fragrant pink flowers and golden moths volchnika blooming forsythias.

    Then comes the time to the lush and colorful hats Viburnum shields hawthorn, white Avalanche spirit. And the lilacs? These Russian kings garden, do not they can be late spring and early summer? Or there is little known broom, literally rain of golden flowers crumbling retaining walls.

    And burst into our gardens and tree peonies luxury fine rhododendrons. Summer - a gold placers of flowers cinquefoil shrub, pink and purple sea spiraea, sultans buddlei fragrant, lush blossoms and deytsii kolkvitsii. End of August - a parade of heathers.

    Which lie at the foot of rough pine trees, they shimmer pearl small waves, but these lovely flowers, collected in the long inflorescences. By the fall of magnificent blossoms change color hydrangea for a long time, and reminiscent of summer, rustling in the gusts of snow storms.


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