The main elements of landscaping garden - flower bed.

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  • A flower bed.

    Gardening without a garden bright flowerbeds in itself does not seem possible, because it flowers bring into our lives the beauty, harmony and sense of beauty. Flower bed flower bed is called regular geometric shape as a circle, oval, square, rhombus size of one to ten meters and more.

    The main elements of landscaping garden - flower bed

    Have a flower bed so that it is easily visible from all sides. Planted on a bed, usually annual or biennial plants. Carpet beds are - from a single dwarf carpet-deciduous plants, carpet-flowering and consisting of some flowering plants.

    A flower bed may have a flat surface and look like a low floral carpet or like a pyramid. In this case, are planted in the center of higher plants, and the edges - lower. If the bed is against a background of grass, it must rise above them by 10-15 cm

    The main elements of landscaping garden - flower bed

    In order to provide a better view of plants on a bed often make a gradual increase in soil from the periphery to the center, eliminating stagnant water. In order to effect a permanent, plant on a bed mostly annuals and perennial plants. Then, each year an oasis of beauty will look new.

    If you can not imagine myself crawling on all fours around your flower bed, then you just need to pick up a flower bed to the high place which is convenient. This is done by retaining walls made of brick, stone, or even simple pieces of wood. The chosen material is laid out according to the height of one or more series, and the resulting shape, usually rectangular, covered with earth.

    The main elements of landscaping garden - flower bed

    Before you do this, you need to put on the bottom of a shallow layer of gravel or broken brick. This will improve soil drainage, and water will not stagnate on the surface. That's why raised beds are well to do in the swampy areas where the ground is wet even in dry weather, and often there are puddles after rain.

    There are four planting scheme on a bed.

    First - zasadka one grade. We gardeners it is called a lawn. In this case, you can plant only one variety, such as begonias and petunias, and about anything else not to think. This scheme is good for zasadke beds of irregular shape. It is best to choose a long flowering colorful varieties. Against the background of green grass, they will look stunning.

    The main elements of landscaping garden - flower bed

    The second scheme - zasadka one race. In this case, you need to have some skill in the art of gardening. It is necessary to choose the types and varieties of plants, different in shape, color and size, but at the same time so that they were all members of the same kind. For example, aster, begonia, geranium, sweet pea. Such a scheme is not for beginners.

    The third (classical garden) scheme involves planting any biennial and annual plants, according to the taste and preferences of owners. Most of the flower beds planted in groups or rows of so-called background plants. Background plants are planted in the center of the flower beds. These include zinnia, petunia, begonia, dahlia, salvia, snapdragon, and others.

    The main elements of landscaping garden - flower bed

    The main difference between the background of plants - the size. Their height should be between 20 and 60 see around them are bordering plants. Their distinctive feature - short stature. All of them should not be greater than 20 cm can be violet, lobelia, dwarf phlox, marigolds, verbena, and similar to them.

    The fourth (classical park) scheme - the scheme is a favorite of gardeners in the world. From the preceding it differs only in the appearance of plants accents. This is a single tall plant with showy leaves and flowers. For example, fuchsia, eland, sunflowers and even corn.

    The main elements of landscaping garden - flower bed

    In this case, you can even break the rules and used as an accent or some exotic perennial plant. The main thing - to strike an emphasis on the spot. That he will be the main instrument of attraction and stunning flowerbeds. This will highlight it.


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