Key elements of the garden landscaping - rocky, rocky gardens.

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  • Rocky, the rock gardens.

    Today, the most important garden design using the so-called pebble garden. Stony gardens are free accommodation in a natural or artificially created by a relief of plants. Stony gardens are suitable for all climatic zones and high plant diversity. Often on rocky gardens suit waterfalls and cascades.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping - rocky, rock gardens

    Tiny rocky garden, located on the terrace, you can create, even in a container, then decorated it accordingly. You can use any container, but it's better if it is a small stone with a natural depression (usually use soft rock stone: travertine, sandstone, limestone).

    Containers made of shells, old troughs, etc., coated with zameshennoy solution of equal parts of cement, sand and sifted peat layer of 6 mm and left for a week, so that the solution is dry. Sink set up on the stone or brick pillars in the sunny area. Drain hole should be closed from the bottom shell (this requires support, lifting the flower above the ground).

    Key elements of the garden landscaping - rocky, rock gardens

    At the bottom of the shell is placed 5 cm layer of drainage gravel or shards. Sink itself is filled with a mixture of the landing of equal parts of turfy earth, peat and gravel. You can add to the mix a bit of bone meal. As compacted earth fill shells. The land shall not extend to the edges of 2-5 cm shell.

    During the 2 weeks give the land to settle, and then planted it in ornamental plants. Between the colors you can put a few stones of various sizes. The base of each plant mulch with broken stone or gravel layer with thickness up to 2 cm should be avoided ground cover plants, characterized by rapid growth.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping - rocky, rock gardens

    During the period of plant growth, as well as in hot weather should be well watered flower bed (to the extent that flowed from the drain hole water). In the remaining days will be sufficient rainfall. With proper selection of plants in flower trough winter outdoors.


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