Key elements of the garden landscaping - garden of Color design.

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  • Color design of the garden.

    Color solution plant garden has an emotional, psychological and even physical impact on people. Looking for a particular color, a person may feel a sense of satisfaction.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping - garden of Color design

    Color scheme of the garden as a whole and its separate parts is determined by the set of all elements and objects located in its territory is the material of fences and exterior walls of buildings, covering tracks, lighting, availability of water surface, the inner decoration of dwellings and, of course, the plants themselves in conjunction with the nature of land cover.

    Properly Composed garden plants, changing the color of foliage and seasonal succession of bloom will be throughout the year to update the look and mood of the garden. In general, the color palette of the garden has about 130 shades. The general color of scenery does not change three times a year, as many believe, but at least nine times.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping - garden of Color design

    The color of rhenium at the design of the garden and its individual components (whether gazebo garden and other recreational areas) follow the general rules of harmony of colors and are based on matching or contrasting colors nyuansnyh.

    The human eye is drawn more bright colors, and even more bright and warm colors. But even among these dyes are irritating color from which the tired eyes (bright yellow), or cause unpleasant psychological association. Such associations are called historical memory.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping - garden of Color design

    Thus, the effect of color on a person has a physiological nature, which has long attracted the attention of scientists and physicians. For example, color therapy is used to treat a number of nervous diseases, and peyzazheterapii given considerable importance in the formation of zones in boarding houses and holiday homes. It was noted that red roses are a stimulant effect on the heart and calm blue spruce.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping - garden of Color design

    Common human reaction to color is defined as follows:

    Yellow - active, energetic, easy. Symbolizes light, joy, and luxury.

    Orange - A warm, positive, causing joy. It symbolizes the warmth, the joy, the sun.

    Red - the most active and vibrant color, produces a sense of purposeful power. It symbolizes life, blood, love, passion, fire and heat.

    Purple - rich, but sad at large surface may have a negative effect. It symbolizes the dignity and luxury.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping - garden of Color design

    Blue - a quiet, abstractedly, focused, blue tones are as clear, clean, spotless. It symbolizes infinity, heaven, sorrow.

    Green - calm, peaceful, passive, light green - a lively, funny, dark - green - cold and reserved. It symbolizes peace, harmony and fertility.

    White - neutral effect on a person as a great silence. Contrasts with all the warm coloring, colorful combination brings light and excitement, increases the volume. It symbolizes purity, innocence, chastity.

    Black - apparently the most noiseless paint, against which every other color sounds stronger and more accurate. Symbolizes sorrow and solemnity.

    Grey - motionless, silent. It symbolizes the mechanism, standard.

    Key elements of the garden landscaping - garden of Color design

    For all this we should not forget that different people are different color symbolism. Combining the garden plants of different colors, highlight color can be one of them or, conversely, to reduce the overall contrast of the composition. The most contrasting color combinations of the following pairs: orange - blue, green - red, purple - yellow.

    Less active contrast can be achieved by matching the color of one tone, but different saturation. Cleverly properties in terms of colors, you can pursue many interesting effects in the garden, giving each of its corner a special mood.


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