The main elements of landscaping garden - rock garden, alpine garden.

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  • Rock garden, alpine garden.

    Rock garden in miniature repeats the natural mountainous terrain, and his characteristic types of plants. Therefore, rock gardens, and called the slide, although the imagination and the desire to diversify so they can form, which is consistent with such a name can only be conditional.

    The main elements of landscaping garden - rock garden, alpine garden

    Constructing a rock garden in a place where he would fit into the landscape without disturbing the overall planning of the territory. Desirable to use the slopes, located on the east, southeast and southwest sides (including the location of the terrace).

    If you create a rock garden on the southern slope, then put only the sun-and drought-resistant plants. The basic building blocks of rock garden are stones. They are selected carefully and thoughtfully, as in the one place they will be very long. An interesting rock garden can be created from any kinds of natural stone.

    However, it is better not to apply the rubble with sharp edges. Not suitable river stones round surface with a smooth bright surface. You can use natural limestone and dolomite suitable rock, limestone travertine, sandstone. For such rock gardens it is important to choose plants that grow well on limestone soils.

    The main elements of landscaping garden - rock garden, alpine garden

    It is advisable to pick up large rocks. It is better to create a rock garden of a few large stones, than an abundance of scattered pebbles. It is important that rock garden was built of stone of one kind or in rock gardens dominated by one of a kind. Simultaneously with the construction of the rock garden, consider a system of tracks.

    Accommodation reservoir cascade, streams, etc. It is not necessary to lay all the stones of the same - some need to be grouped closer, among the other can be left wide gaps. The gaps between the stones covered with earth and then planted the plants there.

    After the first row of stones laid out, proceed to installing the second row, and continue to be laid row after row until then, until built a planned rock garden. Then his pockets, cracks, gaps between the stones are filled with earth, it is compacted and planted it in the plant.

    The main elements of landscaping garden - rock garden, alpine garden

    The basis for the rock garden - dwarf conifers, dwarf forms of ornamental shrubs. An integral part of dwarf rock garden bulbs are: bluebell, hionodoksa, muscari, snowdrops, Pushkin, etc. And of course, numerous alpine plants. The main thing that they were relevant, looked good and felt comfortable in rock gardens.


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