Catalogue of annuals - Heyrantus.

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  • Heyrantus.

    Heyrantus Cherie, or Lakfiol - Sheirantus cheiri (sometimes Erysimum cheiri).

    Catalogue of annuals - Heyrantus

    An evergreen shrub or perennial plant 60-100 cm tall stems branched, erect or ascending, woody at the base, covered with bipartite hairs. Leaves lanceolate, short, acute, entire, the upper sessile, sometimes denticulate.

    Flowers of large golden-yellow to orange-brown with a sweet refreshing scent, collected in terminal racemes. Sepals, number 4, linear-lanceolate, pubescent outside, velvety. Corolla chetyrehlepestny.

    Petals up to 2 cm, limb, or rounded obovate, suddenly narrowed into a long claw. Stamens six, four of them longer. In the thalamus are nectaries. Pistil with ovary bilocular top, covered with hairs and bipartite bipartite stigma.

    Fruit - a flattened four-sided pod 5-7 cm long, with the remaining column. Seeds are small, round, light brown, 3 mm long. In a culture typically grow varieties that are more compact form, and usually do not exceed 45 cm

    Often there are double forms that differ in length and steepness of the curl from the petals. With the spring planting flowers in July and October, the seeds ripen from August.

    The main varieties:

    - Bedder - a mixture of gray flowers and golden yellow, orange and bright red, the plant height of 30 cm
    - Goldkleid - An early flowering plant, flowers are golden yellow, the height of 50-70 cm
    - Golgkonig - golden-yellow flowers, height 40-50 cm
    - Riesen-Goliath-Lack - red-brown flowers, height 60 cm
    - Tom Thumb - a mixture of golden-yellow flowers, carmine-red, reddish-brown, the height of 25-30 cm

    Location: The best feeling in the warm and sunny location. Drought-resistant plants, can not stand the humidity. Soil: prefer a loose, permeable, rich humus soil.

    Care: When planting into the soil adding compost or feed the plants before flowering solution of complete fertilizer. In dry and hot weather requires watering. For best desired pinched the tip of the branch.

    Propagation: Seed sown in spring or a winter. Planted in the ground in May - June. The optimum temperature for germination is 16 degrees. Seedlings emerge in 7-14 days after sowing. They were thinned, leaving 10-15 cm between plants flowering at 8 weeks after sowing. For early flowering through the growing seedlings.

    Use: in the ridges, mixborders. Low-growing varieties suitable for growing in containers and pots. This plant is worthy of space in front of the house or under the windows to enjoy its fragrance.


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