Harmony Gardens - Sounds of nature.

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  • The sounds of nature.

    Many of us, being all day at work, returning to their country houses after sunset when the colors and shades of the garden fade and dissolve into the darkness, and yet so anxious sometimes after a busy day, a warm summer evening sitting on the terrace. Nice to dive into the flavors of the evening garden, feel the breeze.

    Harmony Gardens - Sounds of Nature

    But add one more element - sound. Your feelings will get a special depth. When you create a garden design using elements that would help fill the recreation sounds. First of all - it's a bird. Build them for feeders and bird houses - and your garden will be filled with the air of carefree singing.

    It is impossible to imagine the sounds of the garden without the hum of bees and bumble bees. Flowers - the main thing that can attract them to your garden. Surrounded by a terrace with flowers. Bees are distinguished not only the fragrance of flowers, but the actual color. And in the summer, they prefer shades of red, and in spring prefer bright blue color.

    Harmony Gardens - Sounds of Nature

    Like the birds and the bees will draw water source. And besides, nothing could be nicer than fully experience the sensation of a cool hot day sounds trailing on the stones clear water. If space allows a terrace outside, you can create not only a stream with a waterfall, but a real pond.

    Local frog in a very short time obzhivutsya here. But that's not all. Plants can also be a source of sound. Try to listen as the wind played among the foliage of trees and garden plants. There are still subordinate to your sounds - the sound of the falling leaves of plants with drops of water during and after rain.

    Harmony Gardens - Sounds of Nature

    If you plant some garden plants with large thick leaves, the sound of rain will fill your whole house tune. Listen to your garden! Try to evaluate it with a brand new, still unfamiliar to you by and enjoy this new experience!


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