The harmony of the garden - the garden's own vision.

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  • Own vision of the garden.

    For the gardener in the spring there is nothing more beautiful than a tiny patch of pale-green grass, his way through last year's withered stalks and leaves. Every little thing is my sincere pleasure and excitement.

    The harmony of the garden - the garden's own vision of

    Although sometimes we stop to meet with enthusiasm and excitement each new blossom and begin to look to the terrace through the eyes of others. We suddenly notice some untidy, messy areas, possibly a violation of the proportions and scale.

    We begin with the infinite combination of transplanted and plants, hoping to create a perfect composition. During these troubles, we simply do not have time to admire the surrounding beauty. If your own green design seems to you far from perfect, try to look at him through the camera lens.

    The harmony of the garden - the garden's own vision of

    We are sure you will be able to allocate some truly spectacular for its beauty and harmony of the subjects. Make a few dozen shots and, possibly, your efforts will be more appreciated. Take away the color photos - and you can more easily evaluate the remaining elements of the design. In black and white photos you can see where the broken scale, shape, or other components of the design that you want to change or remove completely.

    Do not rush to make panoramic pictures. On the contrary, try to capture the small isolated areas - so it's easier to consider the details. The main thing you should always remember that it is only your recreation area, and no one else. Look at her own eyes.

    The harmony of the garden - the garden's own vision of

    Without regard to other admire each new budded flower, sparkling drop of dew on a leaf, ripples of water on the surface of the pond, even growing up in the middle of the lawn dandelion. Think, above all, about their feelings and emotions, not about how to appreciate your creation more.


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