Harmony Gardens - Garden scents.

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  • Garden scents.

    An integral part of the terrace are the flavors of the surrounding vegetation. Besides the fact that they are able to awaken in our minds the events and images, odors can affect mood and well-being. The aroma may be one of the most important elements of landscape design landscaping garden.

    Harmony Gardens - Garden of flavors

    Imagine a summer day in the garden: the pleasant warmth of wooden benches, light breeze, gentle ray of sunshine on the hand, buzzing bees, birds, plants raznotsvetie around. And if we add to this scent of blooming roses and garden thyme definition of Heaven on Earth is just such a place.

    But in the pursuit of varietal hybrids that fill the garden colors, long blooming disappears something that is not immediately possible to determine. The reason is simple - have disappeared from the garden scents.

    Harmony Gardens - Garden of flavors

    Of course, among the plantations can be found from time to time, sweet peas, even the exquisite varietal hybrids which retain their flavor, but roses are increasingly resemble a lovely image, and fragrant tobacco - before giving us a wonderful evening fragrance - becomes stunted bright flowering plants curb deprived any odor.

    Recently, landscape designers have begun to pay attention to the lost element of design and fashion trends of recent years - returning to our gardens undeservedly forgotten flowers from my grandmother's front gardens.

    Harmony Gardens - Garden of flavors

    Such cultures may give way to the beauty and elegance of the new classes, but fill the air in the garden of fragrance and flavor. Some people prefer geraniums, someone chooses the old park rose, lavender, sage - it all depends on indiividualnogo taste and perception.

    Usually, the flavors given special emphasis in the evening, at dusk as the colors fade and dissolve, and the flavor becomes a major source of pleasure and enjoyment. Visual images are sidelined, giving way to smell, and the bustle of the city seems far away and almost unreal.

    Harmony Gardens - Garden of flavors

    The source of flavor are volatile oils, which are allocated petals or leaves of plants. Flavors may vary depending on time of day and season, lighting plants, the air temperature. Even within one species different plants can have its own unique flavor, therefore it is advisable to buy the plants already in bloom.

    Most have a strong aroma white flowers, which he needed to attract moths and butterflies. You can put white roses, jasmine, sweet tobacco.

    Harmony Gardens - Garden of flavors

    Flavours conventionally divided into several types:

    - Gentle - peppermint, lavender, sage, rosemary;
    - Spicy - cloves, azalea, nasturtium, sweet fennel;
    - Heavy - lily, jasmine, narcissus;
    - Sweet - clover, elderberry, honeysuckle, heliotrope;
    - Honey - hawthorn, barberry, musk rose;
    - Fruit - hyacinth, magnolia, geranium;
    - Pink - rose, peony, some varieties of honeysuckle;
    - Delicious - sweet peas, iris, wisteria, lilac.

    The best place for growing plants - partial shade garden. There are aromatherapy beneficial effect on your mood and health. You can encircle a recreation area with herbs such as thyme limonnopahnuschim, and every minute your on the terrace will be enveloped in a cloud of fresh flavor.

    Harmony Gardens - Garden of flavors

    Must warn you from planting a small space a few silnopahnuschih plants. When combining different flavors you can not always get the more fun.

    Fine aromas of some plants may be suppressed by strong odors of others. If you do place a few plants near silnopahnuschih, try to take into account the timing of their flowering - thus you can allow each plant to give you a unique or incomparable flavor.

    Harmony Gardens - Garden of flavors

    When you're planning your garden landscaping, make sure that this element of landscape design is not forgotten, and then the rest area at night thus becomes a place of peace and comfort that you will not want to leave.


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